I was born on 26 June 1954 in Budapest (Újpest). I began my art studies in 1973 in the István Ferenczy circle under the guidance of Lajos Luzsicza. A few years later I studied painting in the Anker circle led by Jenő Balogh. I began to study and learn sculpting techniques after a study trip to Paris in 1983. I obtained my professional knowledge by self-education. At first I made medals then I carved wood and stone. Since 1990 I have been making bronze sculptures. The same year I attended on a two-month sculpture symposium in Krastal, Austria. From 1990 to 1992 I was a member of the Young Artists' Studio. In 1993 I was admitted to the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists, and in 1994 the Hungarian Sculptors Society. My works are displayed regularly in local exhibitions and in abroad since 1986 (see Encyclopedia of Contemporary Hungarian Art, Volume 3). My works can be found in private and public collections including the Contemporary Art Gallery in Dunaszerdahely as well.

Individual exhibitions:

1992 István Csók Gallery chamber exhibition, Budapest
1995 Bildhauerhause, Krastal (Austria)
1996 Gallery of the National Textbook Publisher, Budapest
1996 Hotel Mercure, Budapest
1997 Pataky Gallery, Budapest
1998 The House of Culture Gallery, Sárospatak
1998 István Csók Gallery, Budapest
1999 Újpest Gallery, Budapest
2000 Duna House Holding Office, Budapest
2000 István Csók Gallery, Budapest
2000 Euro Galleries, Minneapolis (USA)
2001 Ferenczy Gallery, Budapest
2003 JAM House, Vecsés
2012 Újpest Gallery, Budapest